Michael Oakland

  The  Tropic  Gypsy


Classical               to       Jazz

Flamenco              to       Samba

Buffet                     to        Reggae

Rythmn & Blues   to        Classic Rock

New Age               to        World






Michael  uses  the latest in music technology, along with decades of honed skill, in an organic fashion, which allows him to play the moment and flow with the demands of it, rather than be stuck to a static track that can never  change.  Hence, spontaneity and the true creative expression of the Muse comes through in every performance.

Decades of experience in Celebrating Life has produced in him, a performer that can deliver Thee most appropriate feeling for such a wide range of occasions.

Whether it's the most cultured and sophisticated Wedding Ceremony, or an Art Opening, Ambient Dinner Jazz , or a Theme Party (New-Age / African / Spanish-Flamenco), A Tropical Island / Buffet / Reggae Poolside bash, or a Classic Rock / R&B Dance Party, He's gotcha covered.

It's One-Stop-Shopping for the Ultra – Pro!

Ensembles of all sizes and types are available, depending on the nature of your occasion and budget. From a solo to an eight piece band, Michael is networked with some of Thee Most Talented musicians in the country.

Please peruse the Audio and Video Samples, as well as some of The Reviews and contact the party that sent you here for fees and arrangements for booking.

Thank you, and have a great occasion ! Have another….!